Scarlett johansson dating 2016

Esther continues reaching out, offering Jon the benefit of her experience.She lends him an erotic video that she believes has a more realistic depiction of sexual relations.

She encourages Jon to take night classes to get an office job outside the service industry, and Jon indulges her love for romance movies, which he usually dismisses as unrealistic fantasy. She prepares to leave Jon, but he denies that he watches pornography and claims it was a joke emailed to him by a friend.

Esther reveals that her husband and son died in a car accident.

With her, Jon forms an emotional sexual connection.

They meet each other's families and Jon's parents love her. He loves Barbara and considers her body perfect, but still finds pornography more satisfying. Their relationship resumes, with Jon watching pornography primarily outside his apartment, concealing his habit from Barbara.

He is caught watching a video on his cell phone before a college class by Esther, a middle-aged woman Jon earlier encountered weeping by herself. Barbara continues asserting control, insisting that cleaning his own apartment, a task Jon finds satisfying, is not something she is comfortable with him doing.

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Jon tells his family about the break-up with Barbara: while they are displeased, his sister Monica states that Barbara was just dating Jon because she knew she could manipulate him.

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