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That's something we're seeing in places across the world, where queer people are being targeted, this work is a good reminder of that — don't rest on your laurels, it's very fragile."Isobel Parker Philip, the curator of photographs at the Art Gallery of New South Wales says a young Mapplethorpe was exploring the medium of photography "to chronicle the cultural moment in which he lived"."He pushed the boundaries of representation and pursued perfection and form in anything he photographed, whether it be a figure, a fetish or a flower," she says.

He is considered one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, which Ms Parker Philip suggests has to do with the fact that he "saw no division between his life and his art"."He was very attentive to the ways photography can construct and confer intimacy, and this is true of the ways he photographed an increasingly visible gay community in the 1970s and 1980s in New York," she says."He broadcasted and celebrated his own homosexuality and that's a crucial element of his legacy."Mapplethorpe's interests initially lay in graphic design and sculpture, but by chance he was lent a Polaroid camera by neighbour and artist Sandy Daley.

Staff can be seen working in the kitchen as the couple continue their antics and delivery staff come and go during the footage.

Hirst, of Gypsey Road, Bridlington, sat at the back of the court with her hands over her eyes as the more explicit parts of the footage was shown.

He forced the girl to kiss him, fondled her breasts and sexually penetrated her before masturbating over her legs.

"It was a frightening and demeaning experience for the young victim, who no longer feels able to travel on public transport by herself," Chief Judge Peter Martino said.

Ms Salvesen says Mapplethorpe's legacy is coloured by this political uproar, as well as obscenity charges faced by a Cincinnati curator and gallery who put the artist's work on show in 1990."Part of the reason why we're eager to do this retrospective and look at Mapplethorpe again, is to see the work from a greater distance," she says."[We can] understand how some of his pictures can be read as iconic of positive social change, of civil rights activism finally coming to fruition, and be seen in a celebratory way — not carry with them the condemnation from that Culture Wars moment."Hodge says Mapplethorpe's enduring influence comes from the way his photographs reframe perceptions of sex and identity.

The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending.

Mapplethorpe captured social change in real life and in real time.It was his first experience using photography as a medium.Then in 1972, curator Sam Wagstaff — Mapplethorpe's lover and patron — gave the artist a medium-format Hasselblad camera, and championed his work to the wider art world."And that all got conflated into [what we call the] Culture Wars moment, when conservative senators were anxious about the prospect of government funding supporting exhibitions and circulation of this work," she says.Mapplethorpe's photograph, Man In Polyester Suit, depicting the large black penis of a lover protruding from the tailored pants of a suit, was held up before the US Congress by Senator Helms.

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Security camera footage shows how Sachman stalked the girl, who had been shopping south of Perth, after he boarded a train at Bull Creek.

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