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I asked her if she'd rather be with someone who has been places, and can share life with her... We have so much in common and she is without a doubt the most gorgeous, funny, exciting, fabulous woman I have ever met in my entire life. Your site brought me so much more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. She contacted me on the site even though neither one of us had a picture posted.or someone who's never been anywhere or experienced anything and content to sit on a couch and watch t.v. I wanted a man who could inspire me, fascinate me and whom I would look up to, and I found him here on sugardaddie. She was straight forward and absolutely honest from day 1. I am telling the absolute truth and this is a totally unsolicited response. When I drove to see her ( she lives 254 miles from me ) we arranged to meet in the lobby bar where I was staying.To give you a glimpse of our success here are a few of the testimonials we have received.These are all true and have been sent in by members of Hey guys, I have been on here for no time and I am going to cancel my membership with you today as I have really found my soulmate on here. I joined SD as one of my friends is getting married in July after meeting her fiance on here and she recommended you and hey hey, look at me now! Many thanks, I wish I knew 50 different languages to say thank you in because I don't think one thank you is enough to describe how much I appreciate this site! Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. Thanks, This is what every dating sight that was ever created should have been. I don't know exactly what makes it so different, perhaps people that are full of it are not here because this site is beyond their leauge and it leaves room for just the good apples.

She wants to send you guys flowers so I thought I'd send the note in advance! I've been wasting my time on sites with regular Joes when I should have been here associating with people of my liking. I thought I might get some kind of forum or something. I think this website is a great idea, I recommended it to my girlfriends, who also became members.We had dinner again last night and everywhere we go men and woman stop to stare at her . And did I mention she is the nicest and sweetest woman I have ever met. Regards, I honestly in my widest imagination could not have expected the kind of response I've gotten on this web site! She is simply fabulous and I couldn't ask for more in a life mate. My 12 year old and I will be moving to his area next year after my 17 year old son graduates. The man I met is so wonderful and everything I ever could have dreamed of or even thought was possible. My life is going in the direction that I always wanted. We are both hoping this is the beginning of the rest of our lives together.My experiences with her are like a dream -- a dream only for us. Today is my first day and I have received in excess of 40 quality responses and I've got a date this evening with a beautiful girl in my area. I've tried other match sites with little or no luck or quality matches. It is with no regreat at all that I remove my profile from your site after meeting the most amazing woman I have ever met in my 30 yrs. We both flew into Vegas to meet and couldn't stop talking for 3 days as comfortable and smooth as if we've known each other forever. I just wanted everyone to know that I had success on your site. Thanks, You are a class organization, which is why you are the only dating service that I am involved with anymore.I just finished an amazing eight month relationship with a woman I met here and have a deep ongoing friendship with another.Being on here has also lead to some wonderful times with girls who already knew me before seeing me here.

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